Society Projects Summary

American Society of Nepalese Engineers (ASNEngr) has three type of programs:
ASNEngr routine programs and projects
ASNEngr initiatives
ASNEngr Supported Projects

ASNEngr Routine Programs/Projects

  1. Society Awards
  2. Society Leadership Award:
  3. Merit Awards
  4. Graduate Student Research Fellowship (GSRF)
  5. Annual Conferences
  6. ASNEngr Newsletter
  7. Intersection Magazine
  8. Webinars

ASNEngr Initiatives

  1. Online Platform Nexus of Engineers, Academics and Researchers, Nepal (NEAR Nepal):
  2. ASNEngr Initiatives for COVID-19 Relief
  3. Student Database Collection:
  4. Preparedness, Response, Mitigation, and Disaster Recovery for Flood in Southern Nepal, A Position Paper:
  5. Support for Earthquake Victims in Nepal, NIMAWANTI, April, 2018:
  6. Earthquake Preparedness and Disaster Relief in Nepal, A Position Paper: 

ASNEngr Supported Projects

  1. Earthquake disaster relief, May 2015: 
  2. Post Earthquake Damage Assessment, May 2015:
  3. Raspberry Pi enabled tele-medicine and innovation hub project, July 2017
  4. StoryCycle received an amount of $1,500 USD from ASNEngr through the ASK Foundation on July 19, 2017.
  5. Support to Flood Victims in Nepal:
  6. Training on Seismic Evaluation of Buildings Designs and Drawings, July-August 2018:
  7. Public Safety for All, Earthquake Safety Engineering and Heritage Reconstruction, February, 2019:
  8. Jajarkot Computer Lab Project

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