Greater Chicago Chapter

ASNEngr Greater Chicago Chapter Executive Committee:

President: Madan Baral, PE, PMP
Vice President: Prasanna Subedi
Vice President: Manoj Khadka
Secretary: Kiran Adhikary, PE
Treasurer: Om Dahal, PhD, PE

Board Of Directors:
Bikash Rana
Binod Bastakoti
Khusbu Shah
Komal Dutta
Lalan Dev
Megha Chapagai
Munesh Acharya
Nitesh Panta
Raj Acharya
Srijan Adhikari, PE, PTOE

Advisory Board Members:
Bishnu Phuyal, PhD
Ankur Sharma, PMP
Yanga Panta


2020 Program:

Science Experiment Challenge

2019 Programs:

  1. Technology Night December 21, 2019: Entertainment program for Chicago Engineers, Scientists , Technologists and their family
  2. ASNEngr 12th Conference, Holiday Inn, Chicago: Hosted by ASNEngr Chicago
  3. School Level Math Competition: Math competition for Elementary, Middle and High School student


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