Objectives and Purposes

The objective of the Society shall be to promote professional growth and advancement of individuals with Nepalese background and interest in Nepal, who have expertise and training in any engineering, scientific and technical areas; and to facilitate for their increased contribution to the progress of engineering and scientific education, research, training, practice, and technology transfer for the benefit of humanity. The Society shall operate for scientific and engineering research and educational purposes. In furtherance of the foregoing objectives, the purposes of the Society shall be as follows: 

  • To bring together people of Nepalese heritage and culture and other interested individuals pursuing profession in engineering, or closely related  scientific and technical areas, for exchange 
    and sharing of research, educational and practice related  knowledge and experience,  professional interaction, and collaborative activities, and  provide opportunities to enhance their  technical and professional competence.
  • To collect, disseminate and exchange technical knowledge through publications, conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • To inspire and empower members to maintain a high standard of professional conduct, achievements accomplishment, and sense of pride.
  • To advance the professional well-being, and success of its members.
  • To foster the spirit of scientific and engineering research, education and life-long learning throughout its membership base.
  • To foster collaboration between its members and researchers, academicians, and practitioners worldwide. .
  • To recognize its members, other individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to the welfare of the society.
  • To promote engineering, scientific, and technological advancement in Nepal. 
  • To provide advice to public, corporate and government policy making bodies in the areas of engineering and scientific development, as needed and appropriate, for the public benefit.