Advisory Council

Advisory Council—The Advisory Council of the American Society of Nepalese Engineers (ASNEngr) shall consist of individuals nominated by the majority votes of the Executive Committee (ExCom) and approved by the majority votes of the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Society. There shall be a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of eleven (11) members in the Advisory Council. The regular term of the Advisory Council member shall be two years and will expire on December 31st of the election year of the Society’s Officers and Directors. A Council member may serve multiple terms if nominated and approved by the ExCom and the BOD. The first Advisory Council was formed by the Board on August 23, 2017, using Guidelines for Formation of Advisory Council of ASNEngr. 

Advisory Council Members (The term expires on December 31, 2020):

1. Ambika P. Adhikari, Dr. Des., AICP, LEED AP, PMP
(Currently Fellow Life Member of the Society, Past: Former Chair of Nepal Liaison Committee, Board of Directors)

2. Yubraj Budhathoki, MSCE, P.E.
(Currently Senior Life Member, Past: Founding Treasure of the Society, President of GWDC, sponsors ASNEngr activities)

3. Bimal Karki, MSCE, P.E
(Currently, Senior Life Member, Past: Founding Vice President of the Society, ASNEngr uses his residential address for it’s registered office)

4. Pradeep Khanal, MSEE, MBA
(Currently Senior Life member, Past: Joint Secretary of the Society, Board of Directors)

5. Prakash Khanal, MSCE, P.E
(Currently Senior Life member, Past: Founding Joint Secretary of the Society, Board of Directors, Served ExComm of the GWDC)

6. Prahlad Pant, Ph.D.
(Currently Fellow Life member, Past: Chair of Election and Nomination Committee, Board of Directors)

7. Binod Tiwari, Ph.D., P.E.
(Currently Fellow Life member, Past: General Secretary, Board of Directors)