Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of the American Society of Nepalese Engineers (ASNEngr) shall consist of individuals nominated by the majority votes of the Executive Committee (ExCom) and approved by the majority votes of the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Society. There shall be a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of eleven (11) members in the Advisory Council. The regular term of the Advisory Council member shall be two years and will expire on December 31st of the election year of the Society’s Officers and Directors. A Council member may serve multiple terms if nominated and approved by the ExCom and the BOD. 
The members of the Advisory Council shall be nominated from the pool of life members of the Society who have previously served as President, Vice President, Officer, Society Director, or Chair of the Standing Committees of the Society or from honorary members of the Society. The Advisory Council shall hold its meeting (in-person or via teleconference) at least two times a year to as many as they deem necessary. The Advisory Council members may attend the meetings of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and of any other Committees of the Society upon invitation only, and they shall not have the voting rights in these meetings. The members of the Advisory Council shall not be the officer or the member-at-large of the ExCom, or the BOD of the Society during their tenure.
 Stated below are the responsibilities of the Advisory Council: 
1. Provide guidance and direction to the ExCom and BOD based on their experience, knowledge, and skills gained while serving on the responsible position(s) of the Society in the past, as and when necessary.
2. Provide guidance and mediation, when requested by the ExCom, to resolve conflicts and controversies within and/or between the BOD, ExCom, and various Committees of the Society.
3. Serve as impartial body and provide mediation, as and if needed, to resolve situation, in case there is a complaint against the ExCom and BOD of the Society by an individual, group of individuals, and/or organization, and in other critical situations.
 4. Provide guidance to the Society during the transition period after the election of the ExCom and BOD members.
 5. The Advisory Council shall play a critical role during any unforeseen constitutional crises such as unusual but yet possible scenario of total leadership vacuum in the Society. For example, such situation may occur if an election could not be held before the expiration of tenure of the current BOD members (Officers and the Society Directors), or due to some reason, if all BOD members happen to resign at the same time frame. In such situations, the Advisory Council shall take the responsible charge to conduct the election of the Officers and Directors and ensure a smooth transfer of power to the elected bodies of the Society. 

Advisory Council Members (The term expires on December 31, 2022):

1. Ambika P. Adhikari, Dr. Des., AICP, LEED AP, PMP, (Currently Fellow Life Member of the Society, Past: Former Chair of Nepal Liaison Committee, Board of Directors), Principal Planner at City of Tempe, AZ, USA,
2. Bimal Devkota, P.E.(Currently Senior Life Member, Past: Board of Directors) Chief, Transportation Engineering and Construction Division, City of Baltimore
3. Bimal Karki, MSCE, P.E, (Currently, Fellow Life Member, Past: Founding Vice President of the Society), Senior Civil Engineer, Jacobs Engineer, Greenville, SC
4.Kanhaiya Kayastha, P.E., S.E., F.ASCE, F.ASNEngr, (Currently Fellow Life member, Past: Board of Directors, Vice Chair-Technical Committee); Consulting Civil & Structural Engineer; Sr. Structural Engineer(Retired), Planning & Building, City of Long Beach, CA.
5. Binod Tiwari, Ph.D., P.E., (Currently Fellow Life member, Past: General Secretary, Board of Directors), Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Project and Chief Research Officer (CRO) at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering