Engineering Student Advising

                                                                   Call for Advisors!

Engineering Student Advising Program is developed to foster engineering education, research, and life-long learning among engineering students. The program intends to promote technological advancement in Nepal by exposing students to engineering problem-solving methods that include defining problems, use of standard and best practices, alternative analysis, evaluation criteria, and knowledge sharing. Students in engineering schools in Nepal can participate in this program and receive guidance on their academic projects (e.g., senior design, research thesis, and dissertation) from the members of ASNEngr and friends.

We are planning to start a pilot program with Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering (IOE) in June 2021 for the upcoming Nepalese Academic Year (BS 2078-2079) and invite you to contribute as a co-advisor with the faculty member who is in charge of the scope, monitor execution and ensure the completion of work on time. The expected time commitment may vary depending upon the project scope and availability of the advisors, 3-4 hours per month is suggested.

Individuals who are eligible to be a member of the society can serve as an advisor.

Please submit your interest by the 21st of April 2021. Feel free to forward this call to anyone interested.

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Detailed guidelines: Engineering Student Advising Program Guidelines