ASNEngr Health Tele-Consultation

ASNEngr  has partnered  with ANMF, ANMF Nepal, Nepal Medical Association to provide tele-consultation for home isolation patients. 

The project is needed because the home isolated patient will get easy service with having difficulty to visit the hospitals and try and reach out to the specialist doctors. The tele-consultation center will entertain calls of patient who are in need of the specialist and will forward the calls to the related specialist need for the patients. The service will be a great help to patients with covid and in need of specialist consultation.

There were more than 9,000 daily covid patients in Nepal and more than 50,000 patients who were in home isolation when ASNEngr started collaborating with other parterns. The home isolated patient need some kind of consultation regarding their health. EDCD has 25 helplines in which they receive almost 10,000 calls out of which 150-200 calls need specialist consultation. So, EDCD requested NMA and ANMF to create a call center where it would take such calls and forward it to a specialist. (The call center will be in the NMA building)

This is a joint project with ANMF, ANMF Nepal, Nepal Medical Association, and ASNEngr. The total cost of the project is $15,285. ANMF will support the human resources, NMA will list the specialist doctors to volunteer for this project. In addition, EDCD will provide consultation required for the doctors and maintain the server and Nepal Telecom also partners in waiving of the amount taken for call forwarding. ASNEngr will donate $4,000 for the technical aspect of the call center. 

87 Oxygen concentrators have already been distributed.  Concentrators Distribution List_By Province  can be accessed by clicking this link.

The signed MOU by