ASNEngr COVID-19 Support Program

July 2 Update: 3 students from Texas Tech have been awarded $400 each from ASNEngr Covid 19 fund.

May 26 Update: Each student from Purdue University, Indiana; University of Cincinnati, Ohio; Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota have been awarded $500 each from ASNEngr Covid-19 Fund. The total fund generated to this date is $2,658.

April 4: The whole world is going through an unprecedented time of our lives with the pandemic of COVID-19. The people in the USA have suffered the most. Our engineering community has been affected due to infection, unemployment, and the closure of businesses and institutions. Young engineers and specifically students have been affected the most. ASNEngr recognizes the pain and stress that our community is going thru. ASNEngr within its resources has decided to help the Engineering community affected by COVID-19 with the following:

We have allocated some fund from the Society's general fund and is collecting donation from our members/nonmembers for the relief of Covid-19. ASNEngr requests all to donate generously (thru donation link of ASNEngr-mention COVID-19) so that we should be able to help many of our needy colleagues.

The fundraising and Financial Help link are closed for now.

The fund distribution will be based on general guidelines prepared by the Society.

Request for COVID - 19 Fund: Please click this link, fill up the information, and send it to to request for COVID-19 fund.

Employment and Resume Help:
Members and students who have lost the job and are looking for the job, please forward your RESUME to We will forward your resume to your prospective employer. Various chapters have also taken initiatives during this pandemic. Please contact your local chapter as well.

Other Resources:
For financial relief, the US Congress has passed a CARES ACT for COVID19. Important links to know about this Act and how to get help from are given below. Please take advantage of this relief assistance.

Important Links for Assistance:
Full CARES Act: (for all Americans)
Small Business Resources:
Non-Profit Organization Resources:
Unemployment benefit:

Other Useful Links: (WHO Guidelines)  ( NIH  Guidelines ) (FDA Guidelines) ( CDC Guidelines)

ASNEngr requests all our members to stay home, avoid contacts and follow the restrictions imposed by the local governments to fight against this silent killer during this unprecedented time.
For any questions, assistance, and direction on how to get help, please contact us. ASNEngr will provide guidance and suggestion as early as possible.