ASNEngr, NIC-Nepal Representatives Express Support for Potential Collaboration in Engineering Projects

ASNEngr, NIC-Nepal Representatives Express Support for Potential Collaboration in Engineering Projects


(Washington D.C. - 23 July 2022) During an interaction event Jointly organized by Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaya (NPPA), ASNEngr DC Chapter, NIC-Nepal’s chairman Dr. Mahabir Pun and representatives from ASNEngr, including Vice-President Mangal Maharjan, Treasurer Dr. Prashnna Gyawali, and D.C. Chapter’s president Sagar Khadka expressed interest in and support for exploring collaboration between the two organizations. 


NIC-Nepal Chairman Dr. Pun detailed the mission, ongoing activities, and future vision of the National Innovation Center. He gave examples of some of the recent projects, including Nyano Nani, innovative biomedical equipment designed to provide the necessary warmth that the baby requires in a crucial time, and success stories of PPE distribution cheaply and effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic. He answered the questions the audience raised, which included American Nepalese Engineers Society members from the DC Metro area, and gracefully listened to their feedback. ASNEngr’s vice president Mr. Maharjan emphasize the importance of maintaining the quality in the engineering projects, especially those involving healthcare applications like Nyano Nani. He also thanked Dr. Pun on behalf of ASNEngr’s society for his attempt to make a social impact through innovation. 


Most members of the society expressed their interest in collaborating directly or indirectly with NIC-Nepal. When asked regarding potential ways that ASNEngr can support NIC-Nepal’s mission, Dr. Pun said, “ASNEngr can support us in five different ways.” His five ways include: 1) giving entrepreneurial ideas to NIC Nepal, 2) providing mentorship to the working entrepreneurs, 3) advertising the ongoing projects, 4) donating money, and 5) investing money in the potential company that NIC Nepal’s entrepreneurs will start shortly. In response, ASNEngr’s vice president Mangal Maharjan reiterated ASNEngr’s interest in working closely with NIC Nepal and pledged support, including providing funds to execute the NIC Nepal’s projects that align with the mission of ASNEngr.  


Please let us know what you think about this collaboration. Also, don’t hesitate to reach us at if you have any ideas that you believe ASNEngr and NIC-Nepal can work together. 

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