September 28 update: Article submission deadline has been extended to November 1, 2020 and magazine publication date has been moved to January 2021.


ASNEngr Intersection is the official magazine of the American Society of Nepalese Engineers. The primary objective of ASNEngr Intersection or simply, Intersection is to provide a platform for our members from diverse engineering backgrounds to share their knowledge and expertise. 

Embracing the society’s core objectives, ASNEngr Intersection shall provide us with opportunities to learn and share from one another. Additionally, the magazine offers us a medium to reach, connect and prosper together. 


American Society of Nepalese Engineers continues to strive towards its objective to inform, educate, and collaborate among the members from different fields of science, engineering, and technologies. Publication of the Intersection magazine will help strengthen ASNEngr objectives.

American Society of Nepalese Engineers (ASNEngr) is striving to publish its first magazine by January , 2021.

ASNEngr requests its members to submit articles and stories for the inaugural issue of ASNEngr Intersection magazine.

Please send us your stories and articles at <> before  November 1, 2020

Intersection Magazine Article Submission Guidelines

  1. A complete article
  2. Article Length
    • Short articles 300-1000 words
    • Long articles 2000-2500 words
  3. What an author needs to submit:
    • A composed complete article (text with pictures/figures)
    • An MS Word document
    • A copy of photos/figures in a PNG format separately.
    • Author Credentials: -
      Name and designation (e.g. Dr., P.E., Ph.D., etc.)
      Company or organization name
      Email or Twitter Handle
      Website or LinkedIn
      Author photo (optional)
  4. Categories (not limited to the following):
    • Engineering student’s achievements and/or life-changing stories
    • Startups and technological innovations
    • Engineering and Technology Career
    • Analysis or opinion on tech proposals and documents
    • Engineering events and impactful projects
    • Kids tech education and activities
    • Academic
      Digestible summary of research
      Success academic stories
      Impactful stories
    • Outreach - Nepal or related to Nepali diaspora
    • Technology, Business and Entrepreneurship
    • Engineering and Economics
    • ASNEngr progress and policies
    • Role model stories
    • Women, diversity and inclusion in our engineering society
    • Your own engineering stories
      Example: If you were in the US in the 80s, how was the engineering business different? Stories and challenges as an engineer or engineering student in America
  5. Cover/Main Article

We are trying to include the main story on “Intersection”. The article needs to cover how the intersection of different fields of engineering, science, and technologies will help us grow together, learn more, and reach farther. Please let us know if you want to contribute to this article.

Please send us your stories and articles at before November 1, 2020