Committee Members

Various Standing Committee (2019-2020)

  1. Awards, Grants, and Scholarships Committee
    • Chair: Shyam Sharma, Ph.D., P.E. / Email:
    • Vice Chair: Sri P. Shaha (NJ)
  2. Bylaws Amendment and Membership Standard Committee
    • Chair: Rajendra Shrestha, Ph.D. (TX) / Email:
    • Vice Chair: Dharmendra Thakur (VA)
  3. Fundraising and Financial Oversight Committee
    • Chair: Thakur Dhakal, P.E. (VA) / Email:
  4. Liaison Committee
    • Chair: Kul Mani Acharya / Email:
    • Vice Chair: Surya Lamsal, P.E. (VA)
  5. Membership Review Committee
    • Chair: Deependra Pokharel (VA) / Email:
    • Vice Chair: Ajaya Dhakal (TX)
  6. Nepal Liaison Committee
    • Chair: Ananta Baidya, P.E. (CA) / Email:
    • Vice Chair: Yogendra Jonchhe (NY)
    • Member: Bikash Adhikari (CO)
  7. Newsletter/Publication Committee
    • Chair:  Dr. Ram C Poudel, Ph.D. (CO) / Email:
    • Vice Chair: Purna Dahal, P.E. (VA) / Email:
    • Member: Shradha Pradhan (TX)
  8. Nomination and Election Committee - Not applicable at this time.
  9. Outreach and Membership Recruitment Committee
    • Chair: Mangal Maharjan (MD) /Email:
  10. Student Committee -TBD
  11. Technical Committee
    • Chair: Ramesh B. Malla, Ph.D. (CT) / Email: 
    • Vice Chairs: Kanhaiya L Kayastha, P.E., S.E. (CA), and Nipesh Pradhananga, Ph.D., P.E. (FL)
    • Secretary: Jiwan Ninglekhu, Ph.D. (PA)
  12. Website and Database Committee
    • Ex Officio Member: Srijana Khatiwada Sharma (GA) (Information Secretary)
    • Chair: Pujan Joshi (CT) / Email:
    • Vice Chairs: Uttam Sedai (VA)
    • Members: Basu Dahal (CO), Madan Baral (IL)

Note: All committee chairs are encouraged to recruit as many members as they feel necessary for their committee. If needed, EC will help for the recruitment.