To plan and carry out the activities of American Society of Nepalese Engineers (ASNEngr)  the first slate of the Board of Directors (6 Executive Officers and 30 Society Directors) were elected on July 5, 2008 at the First Annual Meeting & Conference of the Society held at the venue of the 2008 ANA Convention, Hunt Valley (greater Baltimore area), MD. The members of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors can be found on About Us page.

To assist the Board of Directors to accomplish specific purpose or activity of the Society, the following committees are envisioned at this time.  We invite you to volunteer your time to serve on one or more of the committees.

  1. Awards, Grants, and Scholarships Committee – To come up with recommendations to establish an award/scholarship; prepare/revise guidelines and application forms for awards, grants and scholarship; review applications received; make recommendation on applications; and make strategy plan and activities for growth of number and amount of awards, grants and scholarships of the Society.
  2. Bylaws Amendment and Membership Standard Committee –
    • (1) To solicit comments and revise Society’s Bylaws as needed and submit it to the Society's Executive Committee for ultimate approval by the Board of Directors.
    • (2) To revise, as needed, membership criteria, guidelines and application form, and recommend to Executive Committee.
  3. Liaison Committee – To make connection and work with other professional societies and Nepalese associations/organizations in the USA and beyond (other than in Nepal).
  4. Membership Review Committee – To review membership applications received, request any missing materials from the applicants, and make decision on them.
  5. Nepal Liaison Committee – To work as a bridge between ASNEngr and various relevant organizations and government agencies in Nepal.
  6. Newsletter Committee – To publish newsletter to make the Society's membership and general communities aware of the Society's activities and plans.
  7. Nomination and Election Committee – To prepare a slate of candidates for Board of Directors and Officers of the Society
  8. Outreach and Membership Recruitment Committee –  To promote and increase visibility of the Society, plan and carry out events to recruit members and raise funds to help carry out  various activities of the Society.
  9. Student Committee – Create a database of engineering students in US and Canada, establish point of contacts, and foster activities that are beneficial to the students.
  10. Technical Committee – To help in technology transfer and assist  membership to keep abreast of new development in various engineering and related scientific fields, through various avenues including  organizing annual technical conference/ workshops/seminars/meetings and publications. There may be various area and topic specific subcommittees.
  11. Website and Database Committee – To upgrade, improve, and maintain the society’s website and database.